30 May 2012

Bake 52:caramelized onion tart with blue cheese and walnuts

I'm away from my kitchen and camera this week... so less pictures than normal.  But thanks to my fabulous sister and her GREAT (and newly remodeled) kitchen, I was still able to participate.

This tart looked really great in the book, and I was excited to give it try.  I don't know if I'd ever just try this on my own, probably because it doesn't seem very kid-friendly.  Thank goodness for 2 extra adults to help me finish this.  We all thought it was super yummy.

Start with a pizza crust.  I used this recipe here.  Good stuff.

Caramelize the onions.  Seemed like a lot, but they cook down a lot.

Add the cheese.   Bake.  Top with green onions.  Serve.  Mmmmm.  Super!

Check out the full recipe here.  Thanks for a great pick Michelle.


Michelle said...

Looks beautiful! So glad you liked it! I was glad that the onions cooked down a lot too - that is a LOT of onions :)

Amanda said...

What a trooper to bake even when you're away from home! Glad you had help eating it, I was on my own over here. It looks delicious.

Lynette and Anthony said...

It was delish!! Thanks for making it and everything else yummy!!