16 June 2008

5 unimportant things about me...

About a week ago Kris tagged me. Here's the rules: link back to the person who tagged you, post these rules on your blog, share five unimportant things about yourself and tag three people at the end of your entry. Here we go!

1. If I'm washing dishes by hand, ie. without a machine, I prefer to be the one washing the dishes. No drying and putting away for me. I think it's because everyone knows the person who's washing is really the one in charge. In charge of how quickly the process goes, in charge of how clean the dishes get, in charge of the conversation, you get the picture. And, they're also the first one done!

2. I love musicals! I like watching them, but I really like learning all the words to the songs, and occasionally getting into the dance that goes with the song, (there's so much more meaning and feeling when you do this.) I used pause the VCR at just the right spot, and then put a tape recorder up close to the tv, press play on both at the same time, just to record the songs. Then I'd listen to them over and over to learn all the words. I still wish that life were like a musical and that at just the right moment we'd all break into song, with coordinating dance steps of course.

3. We have no tv. I mean we own a tv, but we don't pay for cable, and can't pick up any stations... so we get a lot more done. And, if there's a show we're really into, we watch it on the internet the next night. Isn't the web amazing!

4. When I was young, my younger brother Arlo and I would sneak into the food storage room sit on the rolled up sleeping bags and eat packets of dry jello. When we would hear someone coming downstairs, we'd hurry and shut off the light, thinking that no one would know what we were up to. Of course my mom knew, I'm sure the dry powdered jello all over the floor, and on the sleeping bags was a dead give-away.

5. I own 3 sewing machines. I love to sew! I can't imagine parting with any of them. One day I want to have a little sewing class with my children and a few of their friends.

I'm going to tag Deb, Candice and Lynette. Have fun and let me know when you post!

14 June 2008

happy birthday/mother's day deb!!!

So here's the first of the "mystery" pictures... napkins for Deb for her birthday and Mother's Day. I know, embarrassing how long it took us to get these off to her, seeing how her birthday was in April - but better late...

Along with the napkins, we also sent some cool black chargers to match the other two black chargers that she bought for herself when she and Darwin were here visiting last fall. Kind-a fun.

Wouldn't they look cute arranged in a nice glass or something? Pretty fancy!

I think they turned quite nicely. I had never made my own bias tape before, it was fun, and I can see so many possibilities with other projects... why have I never tried this before? We have no idea.

Anyway, HappyBirthday/Mother's Day Deb! Sorry it took so long!