30 April 2013

KCW 3 & 4

The next item on my list to sew, was some pants for Oscar.  It's starting to get really warm here so I probably should have done shorts, but I just LOVE this pattern for pants, so it had to be done.  Next time maybe I'll just shorten the pattern.

You might recall I made some, pretty much identical to these for Silas a few years ago.  The green was a little brighter, and the size was bigger.  I LOVED them.  Silas LOVED them.  I'm sure too that Oscar LOVES them.

This pattern is called the Nowhere Man Pants, by Shwin and Shwin.  I made a size 12-18 months size.  Oscar just turned 2, but the 2T seemed like it might be too big.  I'm afraid that these won't fit him too long, so I'll be making another pair soon.

Love the tag on the bum.  Cute pockets.

And an action shot...

KCW: Day 1 & 2

Last week was Kids Clothes Week... the idea is that you sew for (at least) one hour for 7 days, making children's clothes.  I gave it a go a couple of years ago and maybe made it for 3-4 days.  This year I completed 6 of the 7 days.  That's progress!

I'm always sure I'm going to be able to complete more than I do, but I'm happy with what I finished.

I started with this gray skirt for Hazel.  I had the measurements figured out, but hadn't cut the strips, so for the 1st day I only got this far.  Amazing how long it takes to cut, serge and piece the strips.

Day 2 I finished the skirt and got a little cutting out done for day 3.  Hazel LOVED the skirt, which always makes it so worth it.  As I was working on it she walked by repeatedly just to verify that this skirt was being made for her.  Pretty cute.

I used this tutorial for the skirt.  It was great!  I want to make a ton more of these, and since it's all off of measurements, it can easily be made in a larger/longer size too.  I'm thinking Sadie and Phebe need some cute tiered maxi skirts.  And me too.

From her expression you wouldn't guess that she was excited to be wearing and having pictures taken of this skirt... I think it was the sun in her eyes.