28 April 2009

spring tops

I stumbled across a blog, Made by Rae a while ago. She's a fellow lover of sewing, and has designed some great top patterns, along with other things. (I previously posted about her cute, free Buttercup bag pattern.) Anyway, she's doing a Spring Top Week on her blog, and invited anyone interested to submit entries as well. So, here are my 3 entries. It was great motivation to make something other than a bag, skirt or something for the kids.
This was the first top I made. It's from Simplicity pattern # 7185. I used some blue fabric from IKEA. This is a misses pattern, so I wasn't sure how the sizing would work, and I didn't pre-wash my fabric, mostly because I wanted to start sewing it right away, and didn't want to spend the time waiting... should have taken the time. After sewing it, I wahsed it... it shrunk. It's a little tighter than is super comfortable, and is a little shorter than I wanted, but I really liked the pattern, and think it turned out really cute. The bottom piece of the shirt is cut on the bias - fun visually for the eyes, with the fabric pattern and all, but also feels good, fit wise. So, I need to give this pattern another try.
My second top was New Look pattern # 6179. I used some white fabric that I had had laying around for a long time. It may actually be what I bought for this pattern? Who knows. Anyway, it was an easy pattern. I did lengthen the sleeves slightly, I was worried that with the elastic in the bottom it might pull up too high. The neck seems a little wide, so I'll probably alter it on my next one... but it's really comfy, and was quick to sew up.

And my third top - Kwik Sew 3222 with a flour collar. I had seen this cute pattern on Rae's site, with the collar tutorial link. Her's was so cute, I just had to give it a try. Okay, the pattern seems to run really large, or maybe I've just lost tons of weight... yeah, we'll go with that. I ended up taking a lot in on the sides, and still wasn't completely happy with the way it turned out. The sleeves were supposed to be small little capped ones, which worried me, so I added to them, and they're not so great. Too tight, when I lift my arms. Luckily this fabric was really in-expensive, which is why I bought it. The collar was fun, I want to try it again... I didn't plan well enough while cutting out the shirt, so I didn't have enough fabric to cut it on the bias like you're supposed too, so I'll do it right next time. Live and learn.
Thanks for the challenge, Rae. More tops in my future!

13 April 2009

poncho villa and the easter bunny

A friend had some cute little fleece ponchos for her girls, and I thought, "what a great idea!" So here are my girls in some cute little ponchos. Just right to wear to church in the spring!

Phebe's is a gray fleece with hot pink pom pom's. Don't you just LOVE pom pom's?!

And Sadie's is a brown fleece with tourquoise pom pom's. Gotta love the happiness in this photo!

Yesterday, Easter Sunday - I was asking Shawn where the whole idea of the Easter Bunny came from? I mean, a bunny delivering eggs? Why not a chicken? Who came up with the whole bunny idea, and why? Silly. And a little freaky. Makes you wonder.

08 April 2009


There ARE some perks to living in a small town. As I was droping the kids off this morning for school, one of the school counselors was helping the kids out of the van. Phebe jumped out, grabbed his hand and said, "Mr. Conrad, guess what..." and he quickly interupted, "I know, I know... tomorrow is your birthday!"

Gotta love it when others remember your important days without being reminded, especially when you're about to turn 7.

04 April 2009

buttercup bag

A couple of weeks ago I found this FREE pattern for this cute bag. Here's where you can find the pattern. I've used the purse a couple of times already, and it's just right for my wallet and a few other small things. I think it turned out really great.

Check out that cute pleat detail.

I used an Amy Butler fabric, can't remember the name of it off-hand. And the lining is just a solid brown. There is a pocket inside, and a magnetic snap closure, which is so fun. And... it can be made with two fat quarters - one for the outside and one for the lining.

What I changed: The pattern didn't call for interfacing, (well except for a small piece if you add the button flap thingy - see pattern and you'll understand). I was afraid that it would be too flimsy, so I interfaced the outside fabric and the handle. But, the next one I make I think I'll try using canvas as the lining instead and see how I like that. Overall I really liked that pattern. It was a lot of fun and the bag is really cute and was easy and quick to sew up. Can't wait to make another one. In fact, I may send this as my "handmade something" to my 3 "pay-it-forward" people... well except of course to Daniel - I'm not sure how great he would look with one of these on his arm. Course, Sara would love it I'm sure... hmmmmm.