27 May 2009

felt food

Around the first of the year, the girls were invited to a birthday party. I love giving homemade gifts, especially if I know it's something the person will really use/love. This little friend has a fun wooden kitchen, and the girls often play with it when they go to play. So, here's the gift they gave...
Bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Pita sandwich and chips for lunch.

And pizza for dinner.
And don't forget the dessert... frosted sugar cookies,


and chocolate chunk cookies. Then doing the packaging was almost as much fun...

(obviously you can't tell from this picture, but these were packaged inside a cute "lunch sack").

The finished gift all packaged up and ready to gift.

The birthday girl loved them, and the rest of the birthday guests had fun playing with them... score! So, the food was so fun to make and play with, I made another two rounds (minus the pizza) for a neice and one for Phebe too, for her birthday.

The doughnuts came from a pattern that I found online here. The rest came from my head, after looking at lots of fun food from etsy, or other random places. So fun. Now I want to add to the start of a fun collection. Amazing what you can to with felt!

In case you're interested, here are the directions for the packages... I think they could be used in so many different ways.

Here are the directions for the "lunch sack". I think I actually made it from two 12" x 12" sheets of scrapbook paper, to make it large enough for the pita and chips.

And then here's the box pattern I used for the doughnuts. I think I actually made it a little larger, I think I just increased the dimensions and made it fit a 12" x 12" piece of cardstock. Then I cut the window and taped some clear cellophane over it. Fun, fun!


Candice said...

WOW! Those are amazing!!! You are so talented, I am totally jealous.

Rebecka said...

That felt food is great. The chips anjd donuts look so real. How did you get them to curl like a chip? What fun!!

MoM B. said...

How smart is that! You could make kits and sell them!!! Love the bags and gift ideas. (Add cake to list--clever idea)

BryceandAlysonsmama said...

Wow thats a lucky birthday girl! Your kids can come to a birthday at my house anytime! FIY American Felt and craft sells all kinds of felt food related stuff for the do it yourselfer, I have my eye on thier Fudge Hot glue. Oh yeah the website is www.feltandcraft.com