29 May 2009


Before leaving for Palmyra, NY on 9 May, I had some gifts to finish up and take along with us. Since Arlo and Kara were going to be at my parents' for a bit during our visit, it turned out to be a perfect savings of postage. I made myself a needle case, for knitting/crochet needles, a while back, and made a couple more at the same time. One was for Kara, who is an amazing knitter, and the other is for Michelle, who is also a fantastic knitter, and who actually taught me to knit. I still haven't mailed Michelle's yet... so if you're reading this, the secret is out!

Anyway, wouldn't you know it - I waited too long to mail Kara's, she had just recently made herself one - so, now she can gift the one I made to another knitting friend, or just have more spaces that she needs to fill with needles. (I hope I haven't waited too long for Michelle.)

Arlo had also mentioned that Kara had liked the Buttercup Bag I posted a while ago, so I decided it would be fun to surprise her with one. Here's her bag in a cute green fabric, with brown ric-a-rac, and cute striped pink/green lining. Turned out really cute, and she loved it.

Our trip was perfect, since we arrived in Palmyra on Mother's Day. So here's the bag I made for my mom...

Mom's is a blue toile, with a dark blue lining with roses on it. This one is actually 30% bigger than the original pattern. I thought mom might appreciate it just a little larger.

Then, the week after we got back my sister Lynette and her husband, Anthony were stopping by on their way to Corpus Christi, (yeah! Someone closer... a meger 11 hours away!) Lynette was one of the people from my pay it forward post, so for her handmade gift, I made her a buttercup bag as well. Here's was also green (kind-of an apple green), with brown ric-a-rac, but her's had a blue inside.

What can I say... I LOVE making bags!!! So who knows, myabe if you leave a comment, requesting a buttercup bag - I may just make one for you!


Dan and Michelle said...

Hi Bekah,
It's Candice's little sister Michelle here. I lurk your blog and just wanted to let you know that I love the felt foods you made. I made some for my 18 month old and me of course to play with. Thanks for the ideas. ps. love the bags too.

Rachel said...

Bekah, how can I convince you to move closer to us? I love all your projects, and would love to do them with you! You are so talented, thanks for sharing!

Tori and/or Clark said...

you are very talented.

Katie S said...

I really missed the boat on the "pay it fwd". Man. These look awesome. You are so stinking talented. :)

erin said...

Your blog is so cute. I love the buttercup bags too!

Thanks for the inspiration! :)