27 June 2011


Feels like I've been behind for a while now... could have something to do with a*new* (well, he's been here for 5 weeks now, but we're slow to adjust with the kids out of school and all), two-month old. Anyway, it's all worth it, and we hope he stays for a very LONG time! So here's some catch-up:

So, for teacher gifts this year, we went REALLY simple. Zipper pouches with candy. I asked the kids what colors their teachers liked, and we went from there. Here's what we ended up with...

At this point I don't remember what went to who... but they turned pretty fun. And really, who doesn't LOVE chocolate, plus a little zippered bag for whatever later - can't go wrong.

These next photos/gift are from last year. They were a gift for a baby girl...

Diaper/wipes envelope. One of my very favorite things... carries diapers and wipes, then when you need to change a diaper, you grab the pouch, instead of having to take the whole diaper bag with you. Especially handy if you have more than one child needing that diaper bag.

To go along with the diaper/wipes envelope, I made some cute baby shoes. They are really fun to make, lots of steps, but really not too bad... and they turn out so cute, that's it worth all the time.

Well, obviously Easter was a while ago, but here's the various fabrics I used for my girls' Easter skirts. Seersucker is such fun!

So, I had a *great* idea for the green/white plaid, to make a tie for Silas. I found a free pattern online and gave it a whirl. The pattern said it was for a little boy, guess it meant a little smaller little boy, because it was too small, by far. So, since that was left until last, Silas didn't have a new tie for Easter, he'll live. I want to try it again, but haven't yet... sometime. Course, the longer I wait, the bigger/longer the tie will need to be. Lovely.

Here's some of the fabric cut, ironed and ready to be used as bias tape on the skirt. What fun.

Of course, I don't have a finished picture... I'm sure we took one, I just can't find it right now... later.

About a month ago, Silas had a little friend that had a birthday party. She was turning 5, and after thinking what he could give her, here's what we came up with...

She got a Market Skirt. Here's the free tutorial, and here for the pockets. Really easy and fast. Always turns out cute. Can't go wrong. If you're in the mood for a cute skirt, go give it a try.

Close-up of the pockets. So fun. We actually hid some little stuffed animals in the pockets just for fun. She loved it!

I'm working on a gift for a birthday coming-up on Sunday - can't believe he'll be 4! Crazy. When I finish that, I'll post pictures, along with a large project I've been slowly working on.
Here's to a GREAT Monday!