08 August 2009

milk jug houses

Months ago I found a really great, old book at a garage sale:

Product Details

It was cheap, and I thought there might be some fun stuff that the kids would be interested in doing over these hot, humid months. And I was right.

Our first project were these milk jug houses. Of course when we start a craft like this, I always start out thinking that it will be something that they'll be able to do on their own, and I might get a few minutes to myself. Somehow, it usually doesn't quite work that way.

Isaac made did two jugs... one is a gas station and the other was a hanger for his airplanes.

Sadie and Phebe each made houses with theirs for their Polly's. In these pictures, both girls are meticulously placing each tile on their "roofs".

I really thought that I had taken pictures of the completed projects, but apparently not. Maybe I'll add that later. Originally, I was worried that it would be one of those projects that they would only play with for a few hours, and then it would end up as trash/clutter in their bedrooms. But, I was wrong... they have really proven to be worth the time and work - they've played with them countless times. Thank you Family Fun!

07 August 2009

cooking school

Long before our trip to Utah, we had a cooking camp. One of the three camps we have done this summer (three moms, each in charge of a different "camp", two days, three hours each day.)

So, I made Chef hats for each child, and an apron... obviously you can't be a Chef without these items. I found a white sheet at a garage sale, and it wasn't long before I had 8 hats... what a bargin!

We made Vanashing Breakfast Rolls (a TLC favorite), patriotic colored star Sugar Cookies, Calzones, and Ice Cream in a baggie. So great! The kids had a lot of fun, and hopefully learned a little more about measuring and ingredients.
Look at those happy faces! Phebe of course had to pull a face.

The Howerton kids. Thanks for smiling Abby!

And the Erbes

06 August 2009

bad blogger

I have been such an awful blogger lately... too much summer fun. WE just got back from Utah - what a great time we had with family and friends. I had never really thought of Salt Lake as that large of a city, but after getting used to living in a smaller town/city, it really seemed quite large. Funny how persepective changes.

Before our trip to Utah, Sadie had a birthday party to go to. A little girl that was in her class this last year. I love making homemade gifts - there's something fun and personal about it, so we decided to do a Buttercup bag, and a notebook holder. My idea for the notebook holder came from Michelle's blog.

Here's the inside. Two large pockets. One for the notebook, and the other could be for used sheets of paper or other bits of treasure. With a small pocket space for a pen. (Sorry about the picture, it was the other direction before I imported it.)

Here's the outside shot... check out the cute appliqued flower.

Here's the Buttercup bag.

And a close up of the appliques on the bag... pink on one side...

and blue on the other. I love the messiness of the stitching around the flowers. Those were just free-handed.

Sadie said that it was a hit. All the little girls loved it. But what girl wouldn't?