07 August 2009

cooking school

Long before our trip to Utah, we had a cooking camp. One of the three camps we have done this summer (three moms, each in charge of a different "camp", two days, three hours each day.)

So, I made Chef hats for each child, and an apron... obviously you can't be a Chef without these items. I found a white sheet at a garage sale, and it wasn't long before I had 8 hats... what a bargin!

We made Vanashing Breakfast Rolls (a TLC favorite), patriotic colored star Sugar Cookies, Calzones, and Ice Cream in a baggie. So great! The kids had a lot of fun, and hopefully learned a little more about measuring and ingredients.
Look at those happy faces! Phebe of course had to pull a face.

The Howerton kids. Thanks for smiling Abby!

And the Erbes


Rachel said...

What cute cooks! What a fun activity for the kids during the summer, what camps did the other mom's do?

shawn & bekah said...

One did a Science camp, and the other did a crafts/art camp. So much fun!

MoM B. said...

Looks like they are ready to cook!!
Did you make Shawn one for his try out with the next new CHEF? lol
It's nice when other Moms want to help teach the kids their talents.