08 August 2009

milk jug houses

Months ago I found a really great, old book at a garage sale:

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It was cheap, and I thought there might be some fun stuff that the kids would be interested in doing over these hot, humid months. And I was right.

Our first project were these milk jug houses. Of course when we start a craft like this, I always start out thinking that it will be something that they'll be able to do on their own, and I might get a few minutes to myself. Somehow, it usually doesn't quite work that way.

Isaac made did two jugs... one is a gas station and the other was a hanger for his airplanes.

Sadie and Phebe each made houses with theirs for their Polly's. In these pictures, both girls are meticulously placing each tile on their "roofs".

I really thought that I had taken pictures of the completed projects, but apparently not. Maybe I'll add that later. Originally, I was worried that it would be one of those projects that they would only play with for a few hours, and then it would end up as trash/clutter in their bedrooms. But, I was wrong... they have really proven to be worth the time and work - they've played with them countless times. Thank you Family Fun!


MoM B. said...

What a good idea !! Did you cut doors & windows?

Rebecka said...

I love their faces! They really look like they are concentrating. Looks like a lot of fun!!