13 April 2009

poncho villa and the easter bunny

A friend had some cute little fleece ponchos for her girls, and I thought, "what a great idea!" So here are my girls in some cute little ponchos. Just right to wear to church in the spring!

Phebe's is a gray fleece with hot pink pom pom's. Don't you just LOVE pom pom's?!

And Sadie's is a brown fleece with tourquoise pom pom's. Gotta love the happiness in this photo!

Yesterday, Easter Sunday - I was asking Shawn where the whole idea of the Easter Bunny came from? I mean, a bunny delivering eggs? Why not a chicken? Who came up with the whole bunny idea, and why? Silly. And a little freaky. Makes you wonder.


Daniel said...

I read this article and thought that it did a pretty good job of explaining where the Easter Bunny came from:


MoM B. said...

The ponchos are cute!! I thought Sadie was just 'posing'....

Sara Anne said...

Remember last Easter? I was with you. Yup, that was a good Spring Break.