14 June 2008

happy birthday/mother's day deb!!!

So here's the first of the "mystery" pictures... napkins for Deb for her birthday and Mother's Day. I know, embarrassing how long it took us to get these off to her, seeing how her birthday was in April - but better late...

Along with the napkins, we also sent some cool black chargers to match the other two black chargers that she bought for herself when she and Darwin were here visiting last fall. Kind-a fun.

Wouldn't they look cute arranged in a nice glass or something? Pretty fancy!

I think they turned quite nicely. I had never made my own bias tape before, it was fun, and I can see so many possibilities with other projects... why have I never tried this before? We have no idea.

Anyway, HappyBirthday/Mother's Day Deb! Sorry it took so long!

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MoM B. said...

Thank you so much for the gift!! Now that we are back from Reno, we will get to use them. ( I will have to remind Dar not to use them as hankies!) You know how he is sometimes.....