23 May 2012

Bake 52: Multigrain Bread

Always like to try a new bread/roll recipe.  We LOVE bread around here.  This was a good one.

Started off softening a 7-grain hot cereal.  This is where the "multi-grain" comes from.  Softening in water.

Flour, whole wheat flour, yeast and salt set aside in mixer.

After it's soft, add honey and melted butter.  What's not to love here?

Then add that "multi-grain" mixture to the flour, with the mixer on.

Allow to mix.  It's a sticky dough.  I added about 4-5 Tbls extra flour.

Turn onto floured counter and knead...

into a nice ball.

Place into a greased bowl to rise.

After rising, back onto a floured counter it goes, and it's patted into a 9" square, roughly.

And then rolled, and pinched to stay together.

Place in a greased bread pan.  I felt like it was too much dough for just one pan, so I cut some off, and cooked that in another pan.

Let rise again.  Then brush with melted butter and sprinkle oats on top.  Just like store bought.


Slice and enjoy!

I thought it was really yummy.  I'm sure I'll make it again, since I still have 7-grain cereal left.  Great pick Jennifer O.  Hope over to her blog for the full recipe.


Amanda said...

We loved it to, like you said, what's not to love? It did make a pretty big loaf. I wonder if we could increase the recipe by 1/4 or 1/3 and split into 2 8x4.5 loaf pans or something. The slices were a bit big for my toaster so it was probably smart to make it smaller. It looks great!

Michelle said...

Your pictures make me want to bake this again...right now! So Yummy!