21 January 2010

thoughtful sadie

Sadie came home from school on Friday with a list of 7 girls from her class, and a color next to their names. She then preceeded to inform me that these girls all wanted bracelets, and so that we could remember who needed which color, she wrote that down too. I asked her if all these girls had come asking her to make them bracelets, or if she had solicited this service. She explained that MOST of them had asked her. (I'm guessing the other part of "most", she just didn't want to feel left out, so she went to them to find out what color of bracelet they wanted.)
2 blue
1 clear
4 pink
What a thoughtful daughter!


Rachel said...

Sadie comes by it honestly - she's just like her mom! :) What a fun story - and very lucky friends!

MoM B. said...

Love the bracelets! I got my 'Gems' out the other day to do some...along with my to do list that is sitting here.!!!! <3