20 January 2010

teacher Christmas gifts

About a month ago I learned how to make bracelets - real ones, on wire. So, after the girls saw a few bracelets that I made for myself, they wanted in on the fun. For the next few "mommy nights", that's all Sadie and Phebe wanted to do. It was easy then, to decide that that's what we would do for their teachers for Christmas. So, Isaac got in on the fun too. Each child chose the color for their teacher...

Clear for Sadie's teacher, Mrs. Carter

Green for Phebe's teacher, Mrs. Guist. (This took a little persuasive talking into, since originally Phebe was sure that she should make a blue, red, pink and possibly purple thrown in for good measure. I'm glad we finally settled on green.)

Blue for Isaac's teacher, Ms. Brown.
With Christmas over I need another reason to continue making bracelets... hmm, maybe birthdays?

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Katie S said...

Very cute!! I wish I could be a teacher of your kids. :) I think this is a good time to remind you that my bday is in March.