07 December 2012

handmade gift exchange

A couple of weeks ago, before Thanksgiving, I participated in a Handmade Gift Exchange.  Twice a year, Craftaholics Anonymous hosts this exchange for readers and crafters everywhere. Participants make a handmade gift for another crafter with whom they are paired.  

This was my second time participating.  It's a lot of fun.  I mean, who doesn't love getting mail?!

This time around, my swap partner was in Austin, TX.  Knowing this, I couldn't do anything for cold weather.  So, I decided to make her a scarf that she could wear right now.  Well, year-round, really.
This picture was taken with my iphone, right before mailing the package... not a lot of modeling choices.

The fabric was slightly sheer, hemmed on all sides, with 3 rows of elastic thread.  This was my first time sewing with elastic thread.  It was cool.  I don't know why I waited so long.  It was easy.  I NEED to make Hazel something smocked... soon.
Try to imagine the cuteness of this in real life.
I added to it a cute little wristlet.  There's no picture of the lining, but it was a cute red and white design.  And chevrons?  What's not to love!  You can find the tutorial for this wristlet here.

So much fun.

And here's what I received...

A couple of brown paper packages tied-up with string, er, a, twine.  The excitement grows...

Check out how cool this is.  Vintage flatware that she has stamped.  LOVE it!  

How fun will this be to use?!

Mmmm.  Ice Cream.

I Am Sew Happy!  Clever.

I'm thinking this could be a really cool gift for someone who's maybe a little hard to shop for?  You should check out her shop:  For Such A Time Designs.  Thanks Aly.  LOVE IT!

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