11 December 2012

baby, baby...

Went to a baby shower on Saturday.  I should have taken pictures of the decorations, it was beautiful.  I always imagine throwing a party with such cute decor, but never have.  Anyway, it was fun to see someone else do it... and to be invited.

I made a diaper caddy.  I need to make myself some of these.  So cute.  You can find the tutorial with pattern download here.

And of course, a couple of hats... a knit pink and brown...

and a crocheted cream one, with a hot pink flower.  Hope she likes pink.  And hats.

I actually started the cream one probably about 12 months ago, for another baby.  It was put down, and not picked up until recently.  It really was so quick to finish though.  Of course then I felt badly that I hadn't made myself finish it so many months ago.  Oh well.

Both hats have the same triple layer flower on them.  The light pink one is made with a bigger hook.  I'm really loving that flower.  It's all one piece, instead of three separate flowers, layered.  Fun.  It came with the crocheted hat pattern.  You can find it here, if you're interested.  She's got a lot of cute patterns.

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Lynette and Anthony said...

You are so talented! I love being related to you!