27 April 2012

KCWC: day 4

I'm constantly amazed to see all that everyone finishes in just an hour or two of sewing each week.  Brilliant.

Decided to do a quickie for today.  I've never tried the Oliver + s lazy days skirt, but always wanted to.  Technically it's actually not all the way finished.  I'm waiting for some cute ribbon to come by mail.  I waited too long to order it, but it should be here by tomorrow.  (fingers crossed)

It's out of a gray linen.  It was supper easy, and perfect for a lazy day of sewing.

Hazel loved it.  She took off the skirt she was wearing and wore this for the rest of the day, hem unfinished and all!

I did a little more cutting out for tomorrow.  Another skirt for this little one.  Unfortunately it will take longer than one day, I'm sure.  Saturday.

1 comment:

Lynette and Anthony said...

So cute! You need to make a matchy one for my little girl :)