08 February 2011


It's becoming the norm... I post through about fall time, and then fall out of blogland until January rolls around. Then, I make something for Abby's birthday, and suddenly decide to post pictures. Therefore, so-as not to disappoint, here was this year's birthday gift:

A felt house. Just the right size for Polly Pocket, or Strawberry Shortcake dolls (I LOVE that they brought these back. What clever marketing!)

This is the inside of the house. That's a swimming pool, with a nice walking path, flowers, you know, Arkansas in the summer. (Shawn wondered why there would be a swimming pool on the wall of a house. I had no response to this.)

I originally got the idea here. But as I looked at the size, I wondered if it would end up being too small for a soon to be 7-year old. So, I used the basic idea of using felt, oh, this was the cute small house from felt - anyway, I decided to use an old pattern that my mom used years ago. I've used the pattern before, probably about 6ish years ago, and made some fabric houses for my girls. They still play with them, so they were totally worth the time, which is nice, cause they require a good amount.

The back of the house:

The side:

And the front:

The house was given with a small Strawberry Shortcake doll wrapped inside. When I asked P how she liked the gift, P gushed, "Oh, she really LOVED it mom! She LOVED Strawberry's long hair!" Like I said... typical.


Clint, Mel & Kids said...

All I can say is...WOW!! It looks like it took hours to make!

Lynette and Anthony said...

So cute and fun! I bet she really did love it, the house, not just the doll :)
You are amazing!!