03 February 2010

"great" idea

Our insurance has this "great" thing they've been doing for a couple of years. Every two months there are two wellness challenges... one is an exercise challenge, and one is a nutrition challenge. If you keep these challenges 80% of the time, then you can get $25 back/two months, (in the end, $150, per person). So, the idea is that you do these 6 challenges throughout the year, and then at the beginning of the next year, you get a refund check... "great" idea.

The challenges for Jan and Feb are, exercise for at least 30 minutes/5 days a week - easy peasy. And the nutrition challenge is to replace soft drinks and sweets with water and fruit, every day. Yep, you got it... EVERY DAY! That's the hard one for this chica. Of course I only have to do this 80%, which means I can miss 10 days total in a 2 month period... seems easy you say? Try it.

Anyway, here we are at the beginning of Feb, and I've got 4 days left. I know one will go around Valentines day... it's a must to make sugar cookies, after all. So 3 days left, which leaves me wondering... should I specifically place them, or just leave them floating and use them as necessary? Why does Feb feel like the longest month?

Needless to say, I can't wait for Feb to end.

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Clint, Mel & Kids said...

Ha, ha, ha!!! I'm in the same boat as you!!! I think I have 4 days left with a birthday party and Valentine's day coming up! I was wondering...do you count ice cream as a "sweet"? It's a dairy product. If you count ice cream then I failed the challenge.