06 February 2010

birthday gifts

Remember this post last year? Well, it's her birthday again. So here's this years gifts...

Felt hair clips.

This is a headband. I don't think you can tell, but it has velcro dots on the backside of it that keep it from sliding off the head, (common problem of headband wearers).

And lastly, a zippered pouch with some candy to share... or not. I don't know if you can tell, but the inside linning fabric is covered with clear vinyl, that way the candy won't get the inside of the bag yucky... just in case.
Happy Birthday Abby!


Rachel said...

I don't know who Abby is - but all I have to say is she is one LUCKY girl! Awesome birthday present!

Katie S said...

So...the velcro dots. Do you just use the stiff side and sew them on or is the soft side? Does that make sense? I have headband problems.

El Scorcho said...

Your craftiness abilities astound me.