31 January 2012

Sewing for Boys sew-along: Raw Edge Raglan Tee

I REALLY loved this pattern.  Loved how the final product turned out.  Loved how easy it was.  Loved how quickly it came together.  Loved how much Silas also loves this shirt.  He might try to wear it daily, if I weren't so good at nabbing it to spray and wash after each of his wears.  Let's just say he's really good at getting it dirty, and really needing a good spray after each wearing.

Part of the "challenge" is to embellish the clothing item in some way.  So, since Silas' favorite color is green, I knew that at least some part of this tee would be green.  We also kind-a like Green Lantern around these parts (haven't seen the movie), so hence the embellishment.

I knew I had some scraps of white knit left-over from an ungifted baby nightgown made months ago, and thought it would be cute to do half the sleeves in white, as well as the collar.

Came together slick.  Made in just a couple of hours.  I need to make more of these.  I think a small one would be just so cute on little Oscar... maybe that will be my next project.

I would highly recommend this pattern.  Next month's project is either "Mr Two Face" pants or "Kickin' Back Sweats".  Can't wait.  Join us!  Hosted by boy, oh boy, oh boy.