01 December 2011

sewing with sadie

In October, Sadie celebrated her 11th birthday... my how time flies!  We figured she was old enough for her own sewing machine.  It was so exciting to order it and anticipate it's arrival.  She loved it! And for the last few "mommy nights" since then, we've sewn.

Isn't it a cute machine!

Her first project she actually designed the pattern herself.  She did such a great job meticulously drawing it out, measuring every side and angle exactly.  Finally she got to sew her first project on her machine.  What fun!

It's a tie pillow!  Quite the belly warmer!  Great for car rides!

So proud of her creation!

Just look at the comfort.  Doesn't it make you want one of your own?  I'm sure she'd take orders.

Here's Sadie in her own words...

I really like my ''new'' creation.  :)  It sooooooo fun to sew with my new sewing machine!(!!!!!!!) I can't wait for my other projects!  Next up:  a pillow case.

There it is.  We'll be sure to post about the others too.  I have visions that one day (when I have an actual sewing room), that Sadie and I will sit at our separate machines and sew.  Or that she'll go in on her own, and whip something up.  One day.

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Lynette and Anthony said...

That is the cutest tie I've ever seen! (it's even cuter in real life :) We should all sew over Christmas!