03 June 2009

needed: little girl

I found this great tutorial here, for turning a men's shrit into a dress for a little girl. Shawn had some old shirts sitting in the pile to go to Good Will, so I thought I'd give it a try.

This is the original shirt. The picture looks really dark and yellowed - but it is actually a yellow shirt, with blue and while plaid.

And the finished product.
It was a lot of fun, the only problem is that my girls are no longer small enough to fit into this dress. So, someone post a comment telling me that you want this, and it's yours. I have two more shirts that I'm planning on doing the same with. Maybe I'll do one with the buttons down the back. So many possibilities.


dana said...

Oh it turned out so sweet. I love the shirt choice and the white waist band.
Great work!
We'd love if you uploaded it to our flickr group:

MoM B. said...

What an idea!! Check out vintage fern blog. She has a cute pillowcase dress on it and really cute headbands!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress I wish I had a little girl! Ok to be honest I wish I would fit into that dress :)

About the bag: I used this pattern http://tinyurl.com/mhcn8a and enlarged it by 115% because her pattern tend to run pretty small. HTH!

Jill said...

That's so cute! Is Ella small enough? She'd love it!

Michelle & Steve said...

I have little girls who would love them!

{The Castaways} said...

OK, Bekah you are the bomb. I just read several post and I am in awe of your sewing prowess! The felt food is the best ever.