14 March 2009


I'm always so excited when I start a project, but somewhere during the "fun", I get bogged down, and side-tracked by life. So, I've had this project going for a while, and just finally finished it.

My sister Michelle's daughter, Adri, loves owls. She has for a while. So when I saw this cute purse pattern, obviously I thought of her. It was a lot of fun to make. And I really love those eyes! What's not to love? (This was only the top half of the owl, but it was actually finished when I sent it. I'm sure I took a picture of the whole thing, but I can't find it right now. I'll have to add it later when it turns up.)

And then of course I couldn't leave Sally out of the fun, so I used the same pattern to make Sally a purse too. (I had a picture of Sally's purse too, maybe I'll find it oneday...)
And how would Weston feel if he wasn't in on the fun? So way back before Christmas (I told you I get bogged down) I started these cute boy dolls - one for Weston and one for Silas. They were a lot of fun to make. I've made a few different dolls, and everytime I'm stuffing them, Shawn reminisces of all the times he would sit and help his mom stuff dolls and the like. :)

Here are just the body pieces, before all the sewing and stuffing.

Here are the boys without faces.

And finally all finished.

Silas sleeping with his beloved doll. Actually he liked the dolls a lot better when they were both together, and before he was gifted it for Christmas. Funny how that works. Oh well.


Sara Anne said...

I love those dolls! And what a great purse.

Clint, Mel & Kids said...

How fun! What did you use for the dolls' eyes? Paint? I remember when we got the pattern for the rag dolls, I've made a few since too but never thought of boy dolls.

Urie's said...

Bekah! Hey girl. I miss you. I am so glad that I was looking at blogs today...it has been months. I am so inspired by this cute blog. What a great idea. I really want to craft again. i love the bag you got from monkey ? something. That was so fun. I am going to make some of those bias tape napkins. I just need to know how to make bias tape WHERE ARE YOU I need you. I want some of those boy dolls. Where is that pattern from? Is it too difficult for me? It was fun the see some of our family home evening kit things. My kids favorite is Daniel in the lion's den, and I just did the one on the brass plates. Any way Lets chat! Em

MoM B. said...

Those are so cute! He will love it forever! Shawn had a Raggedy Andy that Grandma Jan made for him. I love making dolls, you can make the same pattern many times and no two are alike.