09 February 2009

christmas 08 gifts

I've been meaning to post this stuff a while ago, but just never got around to it. Pictures of some cute Christmas gifts... but I should probably explain a few of these first.

We grew up with one of these great cloth chickens. It covers a bowl which warm rolls are then placed in... the chicken keeps them warm, and then it's such fun to reach in, under the chicken's wing, to grab a roll. I'm still not sure why chickens lay rolls, but at our table they always did.

A couple of years ago when Shawn's parents were visiting, Deb saw my chicken, and commented that she remembered her mom having one. So I finally got around to making her one. (I hear it doubles as a great hat too.)
And then of course I made one for my mom too... I'm not sure what happened to the great red one that we grew up with, but here's an updated version!

We also had Shawn's sister Tori and her husband Clark and son Ezra for Christmas, so we decided to give them a whole Family Home Evening themed gift. Here's what we came up with...
An FHE bag that you can grab and go... to Family Home Evening, without too much prior thought in preparing. Here are some of the goodies inside.

Your basics: various coloring utensils, glue, scissors, tape, small papers, and of course a couple of card games for ativity. Some random GAK pictures and flannel board characters, colored/white paper, and a brownie mix and peanut butter cookie mix for dessert.

And then we included a few ready-made lessons:
A flannel board Nativity story.
Daniel and the Lion's Den: Fine Finger Puppets.
Brass Plates: Perfect Peg People, that go with the map of the story...
(It's really so cool in real life, the photo just doesn't do it justice. The trails are numbered so you can remember the order of returning to Jerusalem/the wilderness, etc.)

A flannel board Word of Wisdom lesson.
Excellent Easter lesson eggs. In each egg is a small something that helps tell the Easter story. Kind-a fun.
And another way to teach Nephi and the Brass plates - sack puppets.
We had a lot of fun making these gifts for everyone, we hope everyone that recieved one of these is still really enjoying it too!


Sara Anne said...

These are great gifts! So glad that you got around to posting them. I can't wait to use the chicken.

Marrianne said...

Bekah, this is awesome! I am in an FHE rut and need a way to include a 2 year old. Way to go!