06 March 2012

LIttle Things to Sew: Play Town

This months sew-along; Play Town.  In all honesty, I wasn't overly excited about it.  But I decided to do it anyway.  It turned out to be fun.  Glad I did it.  And as Silas was playing with them, and questioning me about them, he informed me that he needed about a dozen more of them, so that some REAL playing could happen.  Leave it to a 4 almost 5-year old.

The "shells" all sewn together except for the ends, waiting to be stuffed.

The pattern called for 4" wide foam, but I could only find 2" wide, so I doubled-up.

So two of each cut.  That was kind-a fun.  Used a serrated knife, sliced without any problems.

Stuffed them and sewed up the bottoms by hand, and wala.  House...

and car garage...

So I tried to do some cute ric-a-rac trim along the edge of the front roof, like hers, but as you can see, didn't really work out very well.  And I was feeling lazy, so I didn't unpick to fix it.  Oh well.  The kids like them, so that's what matters.

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