28 March 2011


First time seeing it. Shocking, I know. I'm now asking myself, why didn't David Bowie do more? And, was that a wig? He must have been tight with Tina Turner. Wow. Not really sure what more to say. I'm glad Sara got Toby back. Hopefully there weren't too many puppets injured while filming. I'm pretty sure that when Sara first met Hoggle (a puppet that helped her through the labyrinth), she called him Hogwarts... was this inspiration for J.K. Rowling? Just saying. Seems like most everyone saw this when they were a kid, so I'm pleased to be in good company, now.

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El Scorcho said...

I guess you found out that you were not missing anything living behind the iron curtain that was Bryan's house.
I still have not seen E.T.